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Skilled workers are the key to growth and expansion for any company and Work Ready Lucas County is a program designed to identify highly skilled workers, provide an opportunity for individuals to upgrade skills and provide employers with a pool of Work Ready employees. Work Ready Lucas County uses the National Career Readiness Certification program designed by ACT Inc. to measure and certify a person’s skills in applied mathematics, reading for information and locating information – essential skills for workplace success.


In order to encourage job seekers to invest time and energy into upgrading their skills and achieving a National Career Readiness Certificate, OhioMeansJobs Lucas County needs employers who recognize the certificate as a valid measure of workplace skills or who recommend that applicants have the certificate when applying for open positions. There is no obligation to employers who publicly support a better skilled workforce beyond providing contact information for verification purposes.


Watch the videos below to see how Work Ready Lucas County can help your business.  Ready to get involved?  Contact us for more information or fill out the online form to show your support.



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